About Us


Our mission is the pursuit of musical excellence while giving back to the communities we serve through the gift of song.  We offer singers of all backgrounds an outlet and opportunity to achieve their highest performance potential and maximize our impact to those we reach.

Our Story

Space City Sound, located in Houston, Texas, is a non-profit acappella chorus open to singers of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and musical backgrounds.  In our short existence, we have continually pursued a culture of inclusivity and diversity in our membership, our outreach, and our music. 

‍In 2015, a handful of young men set out to discover far they could go in musical performance. They dreamed of an ensemble that could master many styles of music while also striving for success in choral competition. After months of discussion and planning, they invited their friends to join them at the first rehearsal of Space City Sound.

Space City Sound has realized a great deal of success in the following years. Our members have performed in and around the Houston metro area in both concert and competition, engaged with local schools to spread our message of music in our community, been featured as a musical guest for national conferences, and produced impactful performances on contest stages across the United States and for virtual audiences around the world. 

Space City Sound is also a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) and, in additional to other genres, sings contemporary barbershop music and strives to perpetuate the traditionally American art form of barbershop harmony.

Until 2018, the BHS was an exclusively all-male organization, and Space City Sound was limited to male members. In June 2018, when BHS opened its doors to members of all genders through the Everyone In Harmony campaign, Space City Sound immediately responded.  Our chapter leadership spent the next few months outlining a plan to open our doors to all interested in our mission. In January 2019, our chapter membership voted overwhelmingly to eliminate any gender requirements for our membership.  Later that same year, BHS opened international competition to all genders, and Space City Sound quickly and unanimously determined to compete as a mixed chorus, creating the opportunity for our entire chorus community to contribute to an important part of our mission.

What We Offer

As Entertainers

Space City Sound offers our members performance opportunities throughout the year.  A normal calendar year includes two contest weekends, a handful of shows, and several other performances and events.  These performances consist of a variety of musical styles, genres, and difficulty levels in an effort to continue our progress towards musical excellence.

As Educators

Week after week, we come together to pursue the next level of performance.  Through individual and group vocal work, continual acting and performance coaching, and a collaborative approach to our product, Space City Sound guides its members to an impactful, genuine, and professional presentation of the art of singing.


Friends who sing together, stay together.  In addition to working hard, we believe in being organic and having fun during rehearsal. Membership will introduce you to an international society of singers passionate about our art form, and many of our members enjoy lasting friendships forged through the music we make together.  We also strive to expand this friendship beyond our own members to those around us through outreach, education, and genuine connection to our local and greater communities.

Past Achievements

Barbershop Harmony Society:
2019 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions
2019 BHS International Chorus Finals – 16th place
2018 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions
2018 BHS International Chorus Finals – 14th place
2017 Southwestern District Small Chorus Champions
2017 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions

2017 Rice Village Sing-Off Champions