About Us

Space City Sound is a non-profit acappella chorus based in Houston, Texas whose mission is excellence in musical performance. We provide an outlet for singers of all backgrounds to hone their vocal instrument and be the best performer they can be.

Space City Sound is a chorus of the Houston Metro Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. As members of the BHS, we strive to perpetuate the art form of barbershop harmony and to engross and educate members in the culture and fellowship associated with the art form.


In 2015, a handful of young men questioned how far they could go in musical performance. They dreamed of an ensemble that could master many styles of music and enjoy success on the contest stage. After months of discussion and planning, they invited their friends to join them at the first rehearsal of what was to be Houston’s next high caliber acappella chorus, Space City Sound.

Space City Sound realized a great deal of success in the following years. Our members enjoyed satisfying experiences through performances for Rice Village, local schools, private clients, and regional and international contests.

Everyone In Harmony

For the first three years, Space City Sound existed as a purely male group. When our parent organization, the Barbershop Harmony Society opened its doors to female membership in June of 2018 through the Everyone In Harmony campaign. Our chapter leadership spent the next few months outlining a plan to respond to the exciting changes. In January 2019, our chapter membership voted overwhelmingly to incorporate women into our ranks.

Later in 2019, after the BHS announced revisions to contest that would allow mixed and all-female ensembles to compete alongside men’s ensembles, our leadership quickly and unanimously aligned to enter into the 2021 contest cycle as a mixed chorus.

We hope to continue to grow our membership in a way that allows absolutely anyone to experience the satisfaction of making excellent music in a dedicated but fun-loving community.

What We Offer

As Entertainers

Space City Sound offers our members the opportunity for performances throughout the year.  A normal calendar year includes two contest weekends, a handful of shows, and various other performances big and small.  Members are free to participate as often or seldom as they wish.

As Educators

Week after week, we come together to push ourselves to the next level of performance.  Through advanced vocal methods and keen performance coaching, we guide our members to clean, genuine, and professional presentation of the art of singing.


Friends who sing together, stay together.  In addition to working hard, we believe in being organic and having fun during rehearsal. Membership will introduce you to an international society of other singers passionate about our art form and many of our members develop lasting friendships after joining.

Past Achievements

Barbershop Harmony Society:
2019 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions
2019 BHS International Chorus Finals – 16th place
2018 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions
2018 BHS International Chorus Finals – 14th place
2017 Southwestern District Small Chorus Champions
2017 Southwestern District Southeastern Division Chorus Champions

2017 Rice Village Sing-Off Champions